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By Orlando Mata Introduction Back in May 2008 I had the chance to enrol on the pilot of a new teacher training course which would help me prepare towards the Delta course I ended up taking in December last year: IH CAM. In this IH CAM course I was exposed to a number of areas focused methodology, ...

The elephant in the classroom It is huge, unmissable and unmistakable. Each learner brings their own, as does every teacher. It is everywhere, in every classroom in every language school in every country in the world. All thoughts and acts are a product of it and how these are interpreted is informed by it. It pervades ...

Introduction By the end of November, my class of twenty-five 6th grade boys had finished their textbook and taken their final exams for the 2008 school year.  Every student had passed and would be going on to 7th grade.  But there were still three more weeks of school to go! What was I going to do ...