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When asked to read, learners often bend their heads to the page and focus intently on the text, word by word, in an attempt to build meaning from a bottom up perspective – from letters to word to sentence to paragraph and from there, eventually, to text.  This is obviously quite time consuming and in ...


In keeping with the retrospective nature of this edition of the IH Journal, I thought it might be interesting to share some of the wealth of resources available on the Internet connected to the history of English language teaching (ELT), and of the English language itself. A Different Kind of English History Starting off on a very ...


La didattica come Laboratorio: uno degli approcci migliori per costruire competenze  Questa Nota vuole portare a conoscenza a quanti operano come educatori e insegnanti nelle scuole  di vario ordine e grado, di quanto sia necessario un approccio didattico più efficace e innovativo  per tanti ragazzi con  bisogni educativi speciali e unici. Il presente lavoro riporta nella fattispecie ...