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  • Editorial
  • IH History
    International House Hastings: a personal perspective – Bill Harris
  • Classroom Matters
    Using video: practice – Sebastian Taylor
    No news is bad news! – A. Majid Hayati
    Debating in the EFL classroom – Thomas Baker
    Giving presentations – David Moran
  • The Learner
    Researching learning styles at IH Mexico – Orlando Mata
    Understanding Your Japanese students – Andrew Moxon
  • Phonology
    Pronunciation clinic – John Owens
    /p/ versus /b/: a helpful tip for teachers of Arab learners – Sulaiman Jenkins
  • Management Matters
    DOSing in China and Australia – Claire Firat
  • Teacher training and development
    In training – Simon Bradley
    Get off your hobby-horse – Nick Kiley
    Meeting your animal helper – Michael Berman
  • Young learners
    Music in children’s classes – Mark Lowe
  • Book reviews
    The 2008 Ben Warren International House Trust Prize winner: Listening in the Language Classroom reviewed by Barbara Muszynska, IH Wroclaw
    How to Teach Listening reviewed by Lucia Berenguer, IH Montevideo
    Working with Images reviewed by Raquel Rumor, IH Toronto
    Teaching Unplugged reviewed by Louise Stringer, IH Budapest

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