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Contents - Issue 29

Issue 29




Classroom Matters

  • Doing action research – what’s in it for teachers and institutions? – Anne Burns
  • The language syllabus: why not start with lexis? – Dave Willis
  • Activities for using film in English language teaching – Arizio Sweeting
  • Beginners in English, experts in life – Kate Pickering
  • Pillars of pronunciation: approaching spoken English – Brita Haycraft
  • The trouble with handouts – David Moran
  • Tales of power – Michael Berman



  • Using online resources and IH Campus – Sarah Milligan
  • Blogging and sharing in IH’s global classroom – Alastair Grant


Higher Education

  • A radical approach to education – Dr Jayles Yeoh


Teacher Training and Development

  • Professional development and technology: one teacher’s experience with The Consultants-E Blended Cert ICT Course – Katherine Johnson


My Tuppence Worth

  • So you want to open a language school? – David Will




Book reviews

The 2009 Ben Warren International House Trust Prize Winner:

  • The Psychology of Second Language Acquisition – reviewed by Andrew Scott, IH Journal Editor


The 2009 Ben Warren International House Trust Prize Shortlist:

  • Understanding SLA – reviewed by Margaret Horrigan, IH Rome Manzoni
  • The Cambridge Guide to Second Language Teacher Education – reviewed by Danny Norrington-Davies, IH London

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