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Classroom Matters

  • The language syllabus: building language study into a task-based approach– Dave Willis
  • Grammar games with students’ total physical involvement – Jerry Istvan Thekes
  • A fresh perspective on verb form instruction – Arizio Sweeting
  • The art of storytelling – Michael Berman
  • Teacher etiquette – David Moran

Young Learners

  • Planning effective learning contexts for early language learning – Janet Enever
  • Teenagers and grammar – Wayne Rimmer

Meet the Writers

  • An interview with John and Liz Soars
  • An interview with Simon Kent
  • An introduction to ELT writing – Kate Pickering

Teacher Training and Development

  • The impact of Jenkins’ lingua franca core on the teaching of pronunciation on CELTA and DELTA courses – Eleanor Spicer
  • Strand and deliver: practical considerations in the provision of in-service professional development for teachers – Mark Wilson
  • Teacher development – Alastair Grant
  • Getting to the core: what is a good teacher? Christopher Holloway with Alex Bishop, Cathy Harris, Oliver Eynon, Keeley Swain, Jeff Hogan, Vicky Simon, Clayre Heenan, Kate Pickering, Alistair Wood, Kevin Kennedy, Coletta Paluzzi, Brigitte Cassar, Andy McNeish, Charlotte Cole, Christina Anastasiadis

Technology and E-Learning

  • Teaching online: 5 activities – Nicky Hockly and Lindsay Clandfield

My Tuppence Worth

  • Harmless tiger, dangerous mouse – Simon Cox

IHWO News – Lucy Horsefield, IH World


  • Teaching English Grammar –  reviewed by Shaun Wilden, IH World
  • Teaching Online – reviewed by Philip Kerr
  • Provoking thought – reviewed by Kay Brushett, IH Vancouver
  • Oxford English Testing – reviewed by Dominic Harris, IH Bristol

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