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Andrew Scott, IH Journal Editor

The International House Journal is now fully online and we are reaching new readers around the world. Although the old hard copy might be missed by some, there is no doubt that the digital edition is far more accessible to language teaching professional wherever they work. With ever increasing visits to our website, the new digital version of the IHJ is increasing its circulation and readership, which is great news for writers, advertisers and International House World Organisation.

When you visit our website you can view an interactive version of the latest issue by clicking on the moving pages at the top of the homepage. A new window will open with instructions on how to navigate through the digital edition. The menu at the bottom of the window allows you to download the issue in PFD format, email it to a friend and create a clipping, amongst other things. Back at the website, you can view individual articles, read back issues and subscribe for free.

The articles in Issue 29 discuss a range of issues and developments related to language teaching and learning. With articles covering topics from action research to the language syllabus, from using technology in the classroom to opening a language school, we hope you find Issue 29 interesting, informative and useful.

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