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Five ways to Jazz up the Coursebook – by Kylie Malinowska

20170615 IH Journal_42 v2 6Leading up this year’s YL Conference in Bucharest, it dawned on me that as YL teachers we are kind of spoilt (for choice) – it’s never been easier to find, and in abundance, information, resources, and new ideas. But, we are also kind of saturated and in danger of that age old struggle – making sure the activities and materials aren’t taking over and weighing us down. I therefore, when deciding what to talk about myself, shunned all the latest and greatest things out there and gave a presentation on using the coursebook. Partly I wanted to facilitate a discussion and remind us all that although, yes, Pinterest is great and Twinkl amazing, we actually already have a great resource right under our noses. I also shared some practical ideas too as, let’s face it, we all want something new (or in my case not so new but maybe forgotten) to try on Monday. So, in the afterglow of the amazing conference that was the 2017 IH YL Conference (thank you IH Bucharest, you were amazing!) here it is, this issue’s five in a (rather long) flash…

1. Use the pictures

2. Jazz it up. Literally!

Is Molly in the car? In the car?
Yes, Molly’s in the car, in the car.
Yes, she is! Yes, she is!
Yeeeeaaah *insert jazz hands*

Apple, Banana, Pear
Apple, Banana, Pear
Apple, Banana, Apple, Banana
Apple, Banana, Pear
Yeeeeaaah *insert jazz hands*

3. Personalise it

4. Let them use L1

5. Rev up the review

So, there we have it – five ways to adapt your coursebook and a few ideas for each. Try one in class and see how it goes. You never know, it might just be better than trawling through the internet for hours looking for the perfect game.

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