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IH HistoryWe are very happy to announce the launch of the new section of the IH Journal – IH History as compiled by Brita Haycraft, co-founder of International House. John Haycraft was, of course, the original chronicler of IH stories, Babel in Spain (Hamish Hamilton 1958) and Babel in London (Hamish Hamilton 1965) and Adventures of a Language Traveller (Constable 1958).

We have included articles written by Brita herself, some of which have appeared in previous editions of the IH Journal, along with anecdotes and memories from those who were part of the first ground-breaking years of International House. The articles follow the journey of International House as chronicled by Brita and others from its beginning in Cordoba when the first school was opened in 1953.

Brita’s most recent article, IH in Shaftesbury Avenue, the formative years 1961 -1966, is published for the first time here in the IH Journal. This article tells the story of how the Haycrafts acquired the ‘first decent premises’ for IH in London at 40 Shaftesbury Avenue and how those years there were so instrumental in forming the fundamental principles that made IH and still apply today.

Brita also contacted many of those who worked at IH during those ground-breaking years and you will find their memories of this time in Recollections from other IH contemporaries from the years at Shaftesbury Avenue 1961 – 1966