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IHWO News – Spring 2009



Lucy Horsefield – Chief Operating Officer,

International House World Organisation lucy.horsefield@ihworld.co.uk


I have thoroughly enjoyed my first few months as Chief Operating Officer (COO) for International House World Organisation. As many of you will know I have worked for IH World Ltd for 8 years now in various roles, most recently as a Head of HR and Quality Management. Before joining IHWO I worked as an English Teacher in Milan, London and Sydney. After working for some less reputable institutions I remember very clearly how impressed I was when I started my first teaching job at an IH school. The training seminars and observations that I had heard about on my CELTA finally became a reality! Now as COO it is a privilege to work with so many schools from around the world who, as members of International House World, share the same values and commitment to quality.

IHWO DOS Conference – January 2009

Our annual Director of Studies Conference was held at the start of the year and as always it was fantastic to see IH DOSes from throughout the network sharing their ideas and experiences. Many of the attending DOSes made excellent presentations and we were also fortunate to have an array of inspiring external speakers – Scott Thornbury, Andy Hockley, Russell Stannard, Martin Parrott, Ken Wilson and Mary Tomlin.


IH for General English and CEF Activities launched

IHWO’s new range of General English Activities and Activities for Common European Framework Levels were launched at the DOS Conference to a very positive reception.  

We are very proud to have such an excellent range of materials written by IH teachers around the world to be used exclusively by IH schools. You can read more about how the materials were created in Neil McMahon’s article on page 6. The activities can be found in the Materials Bank in the Affiliates’ Area of the website – http://www.ihworld.com/an/materialsbank/

IH Advanced Teaching Award

The DOS Conference also saw the launch of the IH Advanced Teaching Award (IH ATA). The aim of the IH ATA is to recognise and record the achievements of teachers within the organisation who are committed to their own CPD. As an organisation IHWO has built its reputation on teacher training and development so it seems only appropriate that we formally recognise and celebrate the achievements of individual IH teachers. Teachers can now earn credits by completing IH teacher development courses and inform IHWO of this via the online IH ATA database, once they reach 200 credits they are awarded with the IH ATA Certificate. Credits can also be issued to teachers retrospectively once we have verified they have taken a course. So if you are an IH teacher and you have already taken several IH training courses you should register straightaway and you will be well on your way to receiving an IH ATA certificate. To register and find out more visit – www.ihworld.com/ata


IH Online Teacher Training Institute (OTTI)


The IH Online Teacher Training Institute (OTTI) was established to provide the opportunity for teachers throughout the network to follow IHWO courses in an online format. In 2008 a range of IHWO teacher development courses were run online for the first time – the IH BET, the IHCTL in English and the new IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology (IH CAM). The IH CAM was created for more experienced teachers to expand and reflect on their practical skills as well as to help them prepare for Diploma level courses. So far the courses on IH OTTI have been very popular and this year we hope to develop the site and courses available even further. In late 2009 we will run our first DELTA 1 Exam Prep course on IH OTTI. Visit www.ihonlinetraining.net for further details and course start dates.

IH DOS Certificate Course Online – Summer 2009

The DOS Certificate Training Course, traditionally run during the 5 days following the DOS Conference has become extremely popular in recent years. The course takes a very practical approach to topics that are relevant to the day to day work of a DOS. In a response to the high demand for this course we have decided to launch an online version at the IH Online Teacher Training Institute. The first IH DOS Certificate online course will be run in August 2009.


IH Calendar

Event Date Location
IH Modern Languages Conference 6th & 7th November 2009 IH London
IH Young Learners Conference 20th & 21st November 2009 IH Kyiv
IH DOS Conference January 2010 London

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