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Launching the IH Journal Blog


Welcome to the first ‘real’ post on the new IH Journal Blog! To celebrate the release of the October Edition of the IH Journal, we’re also giving away a free lesson plan with the blog. The lesson is all about a man called Crazy Ed and focuses on the past simple affirmative. It was written by Ben Naismith, Head of Teacher Training at IH Vancouver (previously DoS at IH Costa Rica and IH Dubai) and has accompanying teacher’s notes that I put together based on Ben’s work (and using some of it!).

The original idea for the lesson came from Rusty Wienk, a candidate on a CELTA course that Ben and I were running in IH Costa Rica about five years ago. The original lesson was so memorable, that we’ve used versions of it ever since! It works with a Guided Discovery-type approach and is intended to be engaging and fun, as well as useful. We’d be delighted to hear your feedback on it, so if you get the chance to use it in class, please do let us know how it went. You can contact me at IHJEditor@ihworld.com.

Download the FREE lesson plan here: Crazy Ed and the Past Simple Affirmative Lesson Materials

Download the Teachers Notes here: Crazy Ed and the Past Simple Affirmative Teacher’s Notes

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