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Sharing Ideas on the VYL, by Kylie Malinowska and Cesca Key

As I’m sure you are all aware, in 2014 we officially launched our brand new training course, the IH Certificate in Teaching Very Young Learners.

“The new course is aimed at qualified and experienced language teachers that are interested in teaching very young learners, or have already taught young learners but would like specific training. It will prepare teachers for the specific challenges of working with very young learners (aged 6 and below) through a series of online course modules.”

IHWO Teacher Training Newsletter, September 2014

The course, which can be taken online with no need for a local tutor or purchased and run face to face, consists of 10 practical modules designed not only to give theoretical information, but the opportunity to share ideas and reflect on classroom practice. Participants of our first online IH VYL are now nearing the finish on the course and we must say we have thoroughly enjoyed being the course tutors. In each module, the participants have not only diligently worked through each of the tasks, but also shared so many ideas with each other that we don’t think anyone will run out of new things to do with their VYLs any time soon. They’ve also been sharing their trusted ‘favourites’ on the various forums e.g. the list of flashcard activities below.

Favourite Flashcard Activities to use with VYL

The above list was written by our course participants who are both internal and external and joining us from all over the world. Thank you Larissa Afanaseyeva (Voronezh), Alyona Lytovchenko (Poltava), Isabella Campos Alvim (Brazil), Laura Szego (Valladolid), Laura Brown (Valladolid), Isabel Fechas Correia (Porto), Jennifer-Anne O’Neill (Valladolid), Ella Nolan (Valladolid), Chiarra Pasantino (Palermo), Rafa Nasab (Beirut),  and special thanks to Katarzyna Mochniak (Wroclaw) for collating the list from the forum.

We want to thank all the writers from around the globe who wrote sessions and participated in putting together the course and our very first online participants for all their hard work and sharing. We’d also like to extend an invitation to others to join us for the next intake of this wonderful course.

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