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Mike Bilbrough

Introduction.  The following thoughts and comments are taken from the findings of classroom research on the introduction of gestures in the English language classroom for Spanish primary school children. Gestures were incorporated in an attempt to increase the amount of exposure and comprehension of spoken English without relying on the written word as a referent.  One of the principal strategies we teachers usually use to facilitate the understanding of spoken language in the classroom is to include text. Text, that immense relief for so many comprehension issue headaches! It is ...

Magnus coney

I’ve always been a fan of research. Primarily as a consumer, and occasionally uninformed critic, culminating in a presentation at the IH AMT conference where I cautioned against overreliance on the work of John Hattie himself, a giant among education researchers. My nonexistent track record of actually doing any research nagged at me, so at ...

1. Introduction and Contextual Background According to the Doha News on 2 October, 2014, Qatar’s population had reached 2,187,326. This increase is sustained by an annual growth rate of 7.48%. As development continues at a rapid pace in preparation for the 2022 World Cup and 2030 National Vision, client requests for English language training are ...