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Articles in the ‘The Ben Warren International House Trust Prize’ Section

Teaching Teachers – Processes and Practices - A. Malderez & M. Wedell, (2007) Continuum ISBN 9780826484918 There are a great many books available for teachers who need to mentor and help those new to the teaching profession to learn more about it. Often these kinds of books can be directed at mentoring for a specific type of teaching ...

Review of Blended Learning, Using technology in and beyond the language classroom Pete Sharma & Barney Barrett, Macmillan Books for Teachers, 2007 (reviewed by Margaret Horrigan) Without a doubt the most innovative changes have occurred in the field of information technology in the last two decades. It has been moving so fast that it has been ...

Review by Mike Riley, IH San Donato Milanese As a child, my nightmares were populated by the clown from It and the freaky twins from The Shining. Since becoming a teacher, it’s malevolent data projectors and menacing mp3 players that haunt me in my dreams. Still, I’m prepared to face the fear and give it a ...