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Articles in the ‘Young Learners’ Section

Did you know? There have been 11 IH YL Conferences. The first was held in IH Krakow in 1997; Approximately 50 participants attend this annual event; Over 85 schools within the IH Affiliate network teach Young Learners; The IH Course in Young Learners (IHCYL) started in 2001; Over 180 teachers have taken the course in 2008 alone; 41 IH schools are ...

Under Construction (by Naomi Moir) It is clear that the teaching of English as a foreign language to young learners is on the rise. For many schools, teaching young learners is a potential area of growth. However, what kind of development each school needs to deal with this growth will vary depending on what state each ...

By Margaret Horrigan Introduction For years I struggled with Underhill’s chart (1994 1: viii) not because it was so difficult to use but simply because it didn’t really help me to illustrate how I personally produced the sounds and an ongoing battle arose. I have spent about six years working on the Colour Coded Phonemic chart. My ...