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Reviewed by Philip Kerr Unsurprisingly, recent years have seen a spate of books for English language teachers that look at technological aspects of teaching and learning. These include the excellent How to Teach English with Technology (by Gavin Dudeney & Nicky Hockly), Blended Learning (by Pete Sharma & Barney Barrett), and The Internet and the Language ...

reviewed by Kay Brushett, IH Vancouver Intrigued by the title, I was expecting a book about the theory and practices of including reflective activities in the classroom that would require students to examine their opinions, beliefs, and values.  I was surprised, yet not quite disappointed, to find that the book was in fact about the mental ...

reviewed by Dominic Harris, IH Bristol Despite being part of the ‘computer generation’ and clinging, by my fingernails, to my twenties I have remained throughout my adult life a mild technophobe. Thus it was with a degree of trepidation that I risked my first baby steps across the carpet of O.U.P. Online Testing. Indeed, I’m relatively ...