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IHWO News: Spring 2008

IH Growth
The IH network continues to grow steadily as we identify new high-quality schools around the world. We are now 144 schools in 52 countries, and we hope to reach the target of 55 countries very shortly – as this year we celebrate the 55th anniversary of International House, founded in Spain in 1953.

New schools joining the IH family recently include
Libya – IH Tripoli
Romania – IH Timisoara
Syria – IH Damascus

More schools are being inspected this year. The network grows very gradually, as many schools apply but are turned down, as we only wish to partner with schools that have the highest professional standards.

IH Resources
The Language Resource Centre for Modern Language teachers continues to expand – please check it out at www.ihlanguages.org if you have not already visited.

CEF Activities
Part of the new resources are focused on working with CEF levels and can-do statements. There is a new Bank of CEF activities in the IH Materials Bank here:

The bank has other materials you can download, and we are looking for teachers to write news ones – contact neil.mcmahon@ihworld.co.uk if yo are interested.

Language for Special Purposes
The new courses English for Vocational Training, developed by teachers in IH Riga, and English for Journalists, written by the specialist team at IH Belgrade can be downloaded via the new menu at www.ihworld.com/an/

The next course to be published will be English for IT, later in 2008.

All IH teachers have access to the main IH World website (please ask your DOS or Director if you need an ID) and can download materials and resources – which are being added to all the time.

Here’s a view of the new Menu for teachers:

IH Teacher training
In the last year we have developed several new teacher development courses. The face-to-face versions of the courses are available on CDROM for schools to run locally, and the online versions are now being made available as well.

Courses currently available:
IH 121
IH BET (in preparation)

Please contact IHWO if you are interested in taking part in a course or in running one in your school

IH World is also running the IH COLT course for individual enrolment. The next courses are scheduled for Spring 2008
The cost of the course, per participant, is £275. For IH school staff, however, it is reduced to only £125. Please email shaun.wilden@ihworld.co.uk to reserve your place.

IH Study Abroad
Don’t forget to visit our website for promotional materials, and download our CDROM – watch out for DVD trailers on www.ihstudyabroad.com.

IH Club
We are now sending out regular newsletters to the IH Club members – all current and former students of IH – Please promote this to your students – it is free to sign up for at www.ihworld.com/ihclub

Calendar of IH events 2008-09

Michael Carrier
Executive Director
International House World Organisation

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