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Issue 28: Contents

Issue 28 





Classroom Matters

  • Doing task-based teaching – Dave Willis,
  • Designing writing tasks – Roger Hunt,
  • If I were in your shoes – Margaret Horrigan,
  • Genre matters in academic writing – Thomas Baker,
  • Discord or symphony: tips for orchestrating your lesson – Jonathan Lewsey,

 Language Matters

  • Michael Halliday: An appreciation – Alan Jones,
  • Grammaring – Wayne Rimmer,
  • Anticipating the effect of the rise of China on EIL – Jacqueline McEwan,


  • Digital stories – Kirsty McGeoch,
  • Livemocha and the power of social language learning – Clint Schmidt,

 Conference Presentations

  • The presentation reformation – David Moran,

 Teacher Training and Development

  • Testing…testing…the IH Kazakhstan Test-Preparation Teacher Training Course – Adrienne Radcliffe,
  • In training – Simon Bradley,

 Young Learners

  • Summer camp considerations – Martin Keon,

 My Tuppence Worth

  • Leave it to the authorities? Better not! – David Will,

 IHWO News

 Book reviews

  • Doing task-based teaching – reviewed by Neil Preston, IH Brisbane ALS.
  • Task-based language learning and teaching – reviewed by Stefano Maraessa, IH Mexico City.
  • EAP Essentials: a teacher’s guide to principles and practice – reviewed by Andrew Scott, IH Journal Editor.
  • Global pre-intermediate course – reviewed by Pete Gibson, IH Bristol.
  • Vocabulary matrix – understanding, learning and teaching – reviewed by Norman Cain, IH Rome Manzoni.

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