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Changing Worlds

  • ‘What’s Rufus?’ –  Mark Forehand
  • About changing worlds, core values and working at an IH school – Helga Kuipers

Classroom Matters

  • Teaching values and valuing teachers – Wayne Rimmer

Management Matters

  • What we say and what we do – changing the way things ‘just are’ – Neil Preston

Young Learners

  • The Two Faces of Values – Christopher Holloway and Alex Bishop

Teacher Training and Development

  • New Ways to Share Expertise – Zoe Taylor
  • How trainers can support state school NNESTs in developing countries – Andrew Tweed
  • CELTA promotional event – a recipe for generating a bit of interest – Nick Baguley
    • A Tale of Two Communities of Practice –  Peter Frey

My Tuppence Worth

  • ELT secrets to Michelin-stardom – parallels between culinary acrobatics and classroom antics – Noreen Lam

IHWO News – Lucy Horsefield, IH World


The 2010 Ben Warren International House Trust Prize Winner

  • Translation in Language Learning – reviewed by Dave Tucker, IH Santa Clara

The 2010 Ben Warren International House Trust Prize Shortlist 

  • CLIL – reviewed by Diana England, IH Torres Vedras
  • Memory activities for Language Learning – reviewed by John Carry, IH Madrid
  • Teacher Training Essentials – reviewed by Shaun Wilden, IHWO

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