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Issue 33 - contents


Tribute to John Soars

Teacher training and development – celebrating 50 years of teacher training

  • Interview with David Carr, Director of TT, IH London
  • The life and times of a teacher trainer – Jacqueline and Alastair Douglas
  • Trainee see, trainee do? – Ben Naismith
  • Tutor feedback to CELTA trainees: why they don’t listen – Lee Mackenzie
  • My trainees’ 10 (+1) maxims of teaching – Chia Suan Chong
  • Cutting up an ox – metaphorically speaking – Nick Hamilton
  • Young Learner teacher cognition and teacher training – Lou McLaughlin
  • Stop making a monkey out of CPD . . . or the evolution of teacher development – Alastair Grant
  • Client-driven teacher training at IH Doha – Peter Frey
  • Training teachers to teach business culture – Barry Tomalin and Dominque Vouillemin

Classroom matters

  • Out of thin air – bringing the white board back into clear focus – Lisa Phillips
  • Mastering the mingle – Hall Houston
  • But what about teaching styles – Ioana Lazarescu

Management matters

  • Worth becoming more competitive? – Tom Scott

Modern languages

  • Et les étudiants dans tout ça? – Estelle Huxley

And also . . .

  • ELT: more akin to bonding around a campfire than roasting in Hell’s Kitchen ( a personal account of conference presenting) – Noreen Lam
  • Bovine TEFL – Nick Kiley

Special Interest Columns

  • Young Learners – Kylie Malinowska, IHWO YL Advisor
  • Developing Teachers – Sandy Millin, IH Newcastle
  • Technology – Shaun Wilden


The CLIL Resource Pack- reviewed by Siobhan Chapman, IH Prague

Essential Teacher Knowledge – reviewed by Jose Tapia, IH Santander

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