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Issue 34 - contents


60th anniversary – IH Cordoba 1953 – 2013

  • IH Cordoba, past and present – Paul Ashe and Simon Armour
  • Cordoba: cradle of International House – Brita Haycraft
  • Interview with Claudio Cremades, Director of IH Cordoba
  • IH Cordoba teachers’ action research projects:
    • Why we do action research at IH Cordoba – Rachel Pearson
    • Dogme: a teacher’s view – Lisa Dold
    • Improving high level student pronunciation with iPad apps – Rachel Pearson
    • Learning through an iPad – Jennifer Dobson
    • Troubled teens – Fari Greenaway

Classroom matters

  • The one about the horse who walked into a bar: taking a step back – James Pengelley
  • Competitive listening – Margaret Horrigan
  • From zero to hero – seven superhero classroom activities – Matt Parks
  • ‘how to’ presentations in university EFL classes – Hall Houston
  • From structured to the eclectic – encouraging meaningful communication – Rob Smith

Language matters

  • Will we be using them in 60 years’ time? The future as a matter of course books – Wayne Rimmer
  • Demand high – Robert Buckmaster
  • It’s a great day to teach – Rebeca Bianca Durigo

Young Learners

  • Young Learner Pedagogy: The Next Step – Shay Coyne


  • The evolution of classroom technology – Dan Schulstad

Teacher training and development

  • Input, intake and aims – Roger Hunt
  • The ‘onion’ and the effective Professional/Personal Development interview – Mark Alan Forehand
  • IH Tripoli-Elite English for Libya teacher training project – Rose Aylett and Emma Halliday

Modern languages

  • ¿Cómo favorecer la implicación del alumno en el aula de ELE? – Antonio Orta Gracia

Special Interest Columns

  • Young Learners – Kylie Malinowska, IHWO YL Advisor
  • Developing Teachers – Sandy Millin, IH Newcastle
  • Technology – Shaun Wilden
  • A (tefl) life less ordinary – Alastair Grant


  • Classroom Management Techniques – reviewed by Lou McLaughlin
  • A Course in English Language Teaching – reviewed by Shawn Severson, IH Porto
  • Oxford Read and Discover series – reviewed by Jennifer Hillhouse, IH Torres Vedras
  • English for Football – reviewed by Matt Parks, IH Bangkok

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