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Articles in the ‘My Tuppense Worth – Personal Anecdotes’ Section

One direction you can take, as you wend your way through the realm of language teaching, is to open your own school. The rewards are immense and varied, but the stresses are greater than anything you are likely to have encountered so far. In a brief article it isn’t possible to be comprehensive but there ...

by David Will I was chatting to a friend of mine, at the time Vice-President of a prominent Australian university. He was lamenting the recent death of a Chinese student at his institution. It was a suicide, and it was not the only one he said. He explained that the student had been struggling to keep up ...

By Claire Firat I was sitting at my desk, working quietly at updating the student average figures, when a student came in and took a big swing at me. I didn’t see it coming. I stood up, a bit groggy, and was in the process of steadying myself when I felt another thump. This time I ...